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"In this hotel, on August 29th 1895 was founded the Northern Rugby Football Union, known since 1922 as the Rugby Football League."

[Inscription George Hotel Huddersfield, quoted in Moorhouse 1989, p 18.]

"Denounced in the press by the rugby union authorities and newspaper editors as being 'the serpent of professionalism', rugby league was predicted to be 'nothing more than a nine-day wonder'."
Sean Fagan, 'New Game Thrilled Fans, Upset Purists', Daily Telegraph, 17 April 2008, p 64.]

"As the boats entered the harbour Phillip was greatly impressed by an incident which occurred when the fleet passed a particular point of land: some twenty natives waded out to the boats, unarmed, confident and friendly, to examine them and willingly accept the gifts the white men offered. So impressed was the Governor that he named the place Manly Cove, as a tribute to the manly bearing of these dark men. And so it was that Manly, the township that has grown so rapidly on the north side of the harbour, was the first place within Port jackson to receive a name."
[McDonald & Henderson 1975, page 13.]

"There was great excitement and enthusiasm among League followers in the Manly district, and Luana Hall on Pittwater Road, Dee Why was packed for the fledgling club's inaugural meeting on the night of Wednesday, November 20, 1946. ... That late spring evening was a stimulating climax to a momentous year in the creation of the Manly-Warringah District Rugby League Football Club."

[Smith 1991, page 23.]

"Manly's first premiership opponent was Western Suburbs at Brookvale Oval on Saturday April 12 . Max Whitehead, one of Manly's most experienced players having played at Norths since 1942, was the first captain. Whitehead was a barrell-chested champion lifesaver, who would go on to pursue a professional wrestling career under the name of Max Steyne. He also was used as the model for the time-honoured Chesty Bond character."

[Smith 1991, page 25-27.]

"Norths made another effort to storm the line, but the Manly-Warringah boys were not to be denied, and the final whistle went with the team on top."

[Manly-Warringah News 1946.]


"At Brookvale Oval one afternoon they had named the new grandstand after me in an occasion of some pomp and ceremony and great emotion. That was a supreme honour, considering my links with the place. I remembered it back in the very earliest days when it was little more than a cow paddock. ... The ground has been part of my life, for most of my life. ... I am proud to to have played my part in the rise of this special place."

[Ken Arthurson, Arthurson 1997, pp. 258-259.]


"C. K. McMahon made the opening with a fine run down the wing and a perfect cross-kick which caught Wests' defence out of position. Kirkwood fielded the ball and scored between the goal posts."

[Contemporay newspaper report on Manly's first ever try, Round 1 1947.]


"Manly's successes were individual, most prominent being Bliss who left the opposition standing to cross from beyond half-way a few minutes before the bell."

[Contemporay newspaper report on  Round 2 1947.]


"I thought Manly executed really well on Saturday night. They were able to dominate field position and every opportunity they got they made the most of. They didn't get carried away and controlled the game from the first minute to the 80th minute. "

[Warriors skipper Steve Price, Daily Telegraph 29 Sept 2008.]



[Daily Telegraph Headline 1 Oct 2008.]


"OUR REVENGE: Mighty Manly Inflict the thrashing of the century"

[Daily Telegraph Headline 6 Oct 2008.]